so…u tellin me its a *prank* when a man invades a womans space and assaults her publically..and its a “prank” when a white man harasses a black man to further demonize black men…but if i push a white guys ass infront of a car its suddenly not a prank?? lol ok


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White privilege is your history being taught as a core class and mine being taught as an elective. 

but if you live in America you would have to learn American’s history I mean…???

the us as a nation has been a country for a little over 200 years. the myriad of native american peoples have inhabited the lands for thousands of years, yet they only exist in a chapter or two of American history textbooks

like the history of white people is literally built upon the history of PoC and then promptly ignores any semblance of PoC influence

so no

no I understand that. that’s why in my tags I said that it isn’t taught right, but yeah I understand. But if you’re talking about the Native Americans who resided in the US before then they didn’t really record their history (their main form of keeping history alive was through word of mouth), and because all the white people killed more than half of them their history hasn’t really survived. Adding onto this the school standards are set by white people who don’t care to teach it either.

ah i see. We’re basically arguing the same thing; I just misconstrued your previous post, sorry

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God, who told white people about “shade”? I haven’t heard them overuse a word this much since “fo shizzle”.

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I’m an X-Man, if crying yourself to sleep is considered a mutant power. Conan (via teamcoco)

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